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Welcome to KC Churches! Our mission is to connect Kansas City churches and people throughout the KC metro area. We provide a variety of Kansas City church resources for people, KC churches and Christian businesses through the KC metro area.

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KC Churches is an avid supporter of Global Vision Citadelle Ministries, a wonderful Christian outreach ministry to the people of Haiti. We would strongly encourage you to visit the GVCM website, and to consider sponsoring a Haitian child through GVCM's Child Sponsorship program, which is operated right here in the KC metro area:

Child Sponsorship Program


Need a KC church or ministry website? If you are a KC church or ministry located in the KC metro area, we can publish your site free! Contact us for more information.

Want a better Email address or domain? We own a number of Christian oriented domains and can help make it easier for people to find you. Contact us for more information.


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